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Your dog has thoughts and feelings. Complicated thoughts and feelings. What if he could express it in other ways than dog language? What if he could go to Twitterverse?

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Burglar at the window … zzz, postman at the door … zzz, other dog walking across the territory … zzz. Have you ever had the feeling that your dog ends up hanging on the wall and holding him up – unless he hears unmistakable kitchen noises? Yes, I do too.

Ah, the old bait and switch. An extremely unfortunate series of events when the veterinarian’s office is just a mile off the exact same route you take to Far Park Happiness. How many of us have seen our best boy’s face fall like a ton of bones when he realized what was really in front of him?

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What a betrayal. Our dogs spend so much time happily “decorating” our living spaces and “accessories” our clothes, and we vacuum, lint and sweep them away with a lot of disdain.

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You’ve been away all day, you’ve picked up new smells … maybe even smells from other dogs. What can your poor dog do but share his greatest fears with the interwebs: you’ve found another furry love.

Everywhere dogs want to make it clear: let sleeping dogs lie. Wherever you want, as long as you want. Forget the Zoom call with your boss. The dog is your boss now.

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How No Dog Ever cleverly steals the homemade muffins, freshly cooked salmon, loaf of bread or sliced ​​strawberries straight from the counter and drops them through the hatch before the adjacent napkin flaps to the floor.

Nothing beats being caught by a narc with photo evidence of wrongdoing. And more jabby-jabby, Pokey-Proddy enduring sad times.

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Ah, what’s the use of Twitter if it doesn’t share our most embarrassing medical mishaps and mishaps?

Sometimes it’s funnier to share your mischievous mistakes with the world. Why withhold people (and dogs) from having a good laugh and relatable experience?

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