9 Wholesome Power Boosters for Canine Who Want a Choose-Me-Up

Has your dog turned into a dog bed lately? Does he ask more to rest his head on your lap while you watch TV than to take a walk around your block? Or does he snore on your bed instead of sprinting in the back yard after a thrown ball? Sounds like your dog could use a healthy boost of energy. Fortunately, healthy energy boosters for dogs come in many forms. Continue reading!

1) Create a snow-covered obstacle course in your garden in winter

Cara Armor, a certified professional dog trainer and dog skill instructor, lives in Bolton, Massachusetts, a place with a reputation for snow and more. But she offers her three boxers Debbie, Walter and Phoenix energetic and safe workouts by carving out wide paths in her backyard with a snow blower.

“When it snows heavily, I make a big number 8 so they can run and play [in] without getting injured by trying to frolic in high snowdrifts, ”says Cara. “The 8-way design enables them to playfully follow each other without bumping into each other.”

2) Purify H2O

Never underestimate the power of hydration. Dogs with access to plenty of clean water tend to maintain healthy body temperatures, have hydrated muscles and joints, produce healthy feces, and flush out bacteria that can cause urinary tract infections. In my household, I add a dentifrice called Oratene to the bowls of water every day to help ward off tartar build-up.

3) Pile on the blues, greens, and oranges

Boost your dog’s immune system and strengthen their digestive system by feeding their meals with blueberries (loaded with antioxidants), steamed green beans or kale (filled with vitamins A, C, and K), and canned pureed pumpkin (not filled with sugar Cake filling). this contains good amounts of soluble fiber as well as carotenoids to help maintain a healthy digestive system. Turn these recommended toppers over with every meal to add variety to your dog’s diet.

4) Never underestimate the power of amino acids

Dietary supplements containing L-carnitine and taurine are beneficial for a dog’s heart, brain, and eye health, and convert fat into energy. (Ask your veterinarian about the dosage.)

“Obesity directly affects a dog’s ability to do the things they love to do,” says Rebecca Rose, a biochemist whose InClover company offers BioVibrant, a supplement that contains taurine and L-carnitine. “L-carnitine helps maintain a healthy weight by converting fat into energy. Taurine is good for overall heart health and works as a good detox,” she says.

5) factors in your dog’s age

As dogs age, some are prone to mobility issues that deplete their once puppy-like energy. Some pet parents give supplements containing glucosamine when their dogs age. According to Minneapolis, Dr. Justine Lee, from Minnesota, who is board certified in Emergency Medicine and Toxicology, may be too late to be effective.

“Glucosamine only works if your body has healthy cartilage,” says Dr. Lee. “It works like a cartilage protection. But if a dog has osteoarthritis, they may run out of healthy cartilage and it will be too late for the glucosamine to take effect. “Dr. Lee says, “Instead, start your dog on glucosamine at a younger age, like 4 or 5, when he has healthy cartilage and can benefit from taking the glucosamine supplement.”

6) Give your dog some sunlight

Studies show that dogs, like humans, can suffer from seasonal affective disorder (SAD) if not exposed to enough sunlight. This can cause them to become depressed, appear lethargic, and lose a healthy appetite. Be especially vigilant in the winter months when there is less sunlight and on constant rainy days by planning walks before the sun goes down and rain showers break in. Give your dog natural vitamin D by placing his bed by a sunny window or under a skylight. Talk to your veterinarian about the potential benefits of buying an artificial sunlight lamp for your dog’s indoor use.

7) Study your supplements

Work closely with your veterinarian on the choice of supplements and their dosage to increase your dog’s energy and overall health. Prepare to review product labels.

“Always get a Certificate of Analysis and if a supplement company can’t provide it, go the other direction,” says Dr. Lee, also known as the VETGirl. “Without this certificate, the product could contain contaminants, pesticides or heavy metals. Maybe you just buy olive oil. “

Rebecca, who is based in Boulder, Colorado, adds, “A reputable company will be happy to share the steps it takes to select the best ingredients and have a code of conduct for suppliers and third party audits.”

Support with supplements

Talk to your veterinarian about adding a supplement (and dosage) to give your dog a health boost. The following supplement examples focus on different areas of the body and are available at jawy.com and other pet dealers and / or veterinarians.

  • MYOS Canine Muscle Formula – $ 47.99 / 6.35 oz and $ 84.99 / 12.7 oz
  • Winpro Allergy Chews for Healthy Skin and Coat – $ 29.99
  • Dasuquin Advanced Joint Health Supplement – $ 59- $ 66
  • Vetericyn ALL-IN Dog Supplement (Puppy, Adult, and Seniors Formulas) – $ 39.99
  • InClover Canine Fresh Digest – $ 21.99 – $ 47.99
  • Relieves PlaqueOff Powder – $ 22.70 / 60g

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