How To Rejoice Nationwide Pet Month With Your Pet

May is National Pet Month! We know you love your pet and this is the perfect time to show it off. Whether you have fish, rabbits, cats, dogs, or pigs, there are many things you can do to show your pet how much you love them and to encourage a love of pets and animals in general.

Here are some ideas on how to celebrate National Pet Month with your pet.

1. Throw a party

The best way to celebrate is with a good old fashioned party. Of course, create a pet or wildlife theme for the party.

Choose an outdoor spot or another location where everyone can bring their pets. Ask people which animal they would like to bring in case you need special accommodation.

You should have plenty of food and drink for both humans and pets. You also need to have plenty of things to do for all of your guests.

This is a great way to create a hyper-local impact!

2. Donate / volunteer in a pet center

As you probably know, celebrating pets is not enough. You should also show how much you love her by giving your time.

Find a local animal shelter near you and volunteer. While it is good to do this during National Pet Month, consider continuing your volunteer service for the rest of the year.

If you absolutely don’t have time to volunteer, there are other ways you can consider how you can help. One of the easiest ways is to write a check. The shelter needs money to care for these animals, and you can help make a difference.

3. Find out about your pet

This is a good time to learn more about your pet. Read books and articles about your current animal lover. You can learn things that you never knew. This new knowledge can help you give your pet a better life.

You can also help educate other people about your pet. This is especially beneficial if you have a pet with a bad reputation, such as pets. B. a pit bull. Educating people about the serious misunderstandings about your pet can encourage them to treat the animals properly when they encounter them.

This is something we do passionately with our fish! Some people think they only need a fish bowl and these fish have a short lifespan. We help educate fish owners on our blog VIVOFISH.

4. Buy a gift for your pet

You’re likely expecting a present or two on your birthday. You should give your pet a gift during National Pet Month!

If your pet likes to look cute, you can get them a cute collar or a new outfit. (Though in general, you only want to attract animals when they seem to enjoy it. It’s not fair to attract them when they absolutely hate it.)

Other gifts include new treats, a new memory foam bed, or a new toy. Bring your pet to the pet store so they can tell you what they really want.

5. Adopt a new pet

How many pets are too many pets? Think of all the pets in need of a good home. Could you add another member to the family to save them?

Go to your local animal shelter to pick out a new pet. They will have a much better life and might even be saved from euthanasia. You will feel better too.

When you bring them home, be extra careful to introduce them to your current pets. Your current pets may initially feel territorial. You should introduce the new pet slowly and make sure that you are still showing your current pets the same love that you always have.

Also, make sure you know the best way to care for a new pet! Here is a guide on how to bring home a new puppy.

6. Contribution to animal welfare efforts

There are many more animals out there than your pets and those at the local animal shelter. The animals in the wild also need our help. In a way, you are everyone’s pet, aren’t you? This is why they should be respected during National Pet Month as well.

Learn about the latest issues affecting endangered animals. Do your part to help. You can start small actions at home, such as: B. by cutting up six-pack rings to prevent fish from getting caught in them. You can also stop shopping at certain companies that are fighting environmental protection for the sake of greed. Plus, you can be on site to help clean up your surroundings or send a check to the people doing the job.

7. Go to the zoo

When was the last time you were at the zoo? For people with children, it could have been last week. For others, it could have taken years. Visit the zoo and see all the beautiful animals in the world. It will restore your love for animals and your desire to help them.

There will likely be a lot of information out there to help you learn how to help. You will also get some exercise as you walk around. Bring your kids or anyone you know as they’ll get a kick out of it, too. You may even want to bring your pet with you if it is doing well in public.

And remember, many of the animals in the zoo are either rescue workers or were born in captivity. It is usually not an inhuman way of life for these animals!

8. Take a professional photo

Remember your pet with a professional picture long after they die. There are numerous photographers who specialize in animal images.

As you take the pictures, do your best to capture your friend’s ghost. When your pet is active, take an action shot. When your pet is being pampered, return them to their natural state. You can hang the picture on your pet’s bed. If at some point they die, you have the picture to remember them forever. Your pet is part of the family and you want pictures of them just like any other family member.

9. Take your pet to the groomer

Some pets like to be pampered and look good. Take your pet to the dog groomer for a new cut. Bring pictures when you have an idea of ​​what you want your pet to look like. Some snow groomers even paint your pet a certain color or paint their nails, although this may be a bit of an exaggeration.

Many dogs enjoy going to the spa just as much as humans do. Remember to see the groomer before taking professional photos.

10. Build birdhouses

Birds make great pets, but it’s just as amazing to see them in the wild.

If you have an appreciation for birds, it is a good idea to show them how much you appreciate them outdoors. Build homemade bird feeders or bird feeders to keep them comfortable and full. You can even attract your favorite birds by using the right ingredients. This is a great way to “pet” birds without actually having them in your home.

Your pet is part of your family. They offer you love and companionship. Your pet will show you how much they appreciate you with cuddles and cute faces. Show your appreciation for them too! The best time to get a new sense of love for your pet is during National Pet Month. Use these ideas to show your pet and the rest of the world how important they are.

Written by Matt Leighton,

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