Meet Bear — the First Jeep Canine

Jeeps have been synonymous with nature for decades thanks to their capabilities as off-road vehicles. Thanks to a laboratory mix called Bear, Jeeps could soon become popular as CUVs – Canine Utility Vehicles. When Jeep marketing folks noticed that Jeep owners were sharing photos of their dogs on social media, it made sense that Jeep should have an official spokesperson.

“Jeep enthusiasts are known for having their dogs strapped with them in search of adventure and proudly showing them off on social media along with their favorite Jeep vehicle,” said Randy Ortiz, director of Jeep Brand Advertising at FCA . “This year, Jeep owners, fans and followers were able to post a photo of their pups with their branded Jeep vehicle and tag it on Instagram and Twitter with #JeepTopCanine or upload it to to participate.”

Jeep received thousands of submissions and selected eight finalists to be posed with a Jeep vehicle. Fans voted online to crown the first #JeepTopCanine on National Dog Day 2020.

The winner was Bear. According to Randy, Bear, a 4-year-old black lab mix, embodies the Jeep brand’s ethos of freedom, love for the outdoors and adventure.

Bears human Margot Lee says this particular dog came to her home in Northborough, Massachusetts from a rescue in Georgia when she was four months old.
Bear’s image outdoors is not hype. He is a real outdoor enthusiast who loves swimming and hiking.

“Bear is a strong swimmer and loves to take a bath when it’s warm even when I think it’s not warm enough,” says Margot. “We hike too … and he has the best sense of direction. He seriously helps me when I turn around – or prevents me from doing so because he leads me up and down the mountain! “

Bear’s job as Jeeps Top Canine means he will represent the Jeep brand on his social media channels Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube and appear in exclusive content for next year until National Dog Day 2021. Then Jeep will pick a new spoke dog for 2021.

And while posing with Lee’s Jeep made him famous, it’s his special personality that really makes him a star.

“Bear always wants to hug each other when he sees one,” says Margot. “When two people hug, he jumps up and stands in the middle. He has a lot of love in his heart. “

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