Placing a Highlight on This Pleasant Breed

While they are all one breed, poodles come in three sizes. Formally, the size is calculated based on the shoulder height, but generally based on the default The poodle weighs about 60 pounds miniature Poodles about 16 pounds and those toy Poodle about 8 pounds. All three are full of wit and charm.

A threefold story

Poodles were grouped into one breed in the mid-20th century, but their previous histories are diverse, if not different. Ancestors of the standard poodle were bred for water extraction in Germany. Their well-known hairstyles served a purpose to make swimming easier and to protect vital organs from cold water. The Miniature Poodle was designed primarily for companionship; Wealthy Europeans styled their poodles’ lavish coats and sometimes mirrored their own hairstyles. Some miniature poodles hunted for truffles, others attended shows. Miniature poodles, the smallest variant, were likely bred from their larger counterparts just for cozy company.


Poodles of all sizes share a similar temperament: people-oriented, gentle, and quick to learn. With their intelligence and offerability, poodles prove tough competitors in terms of obedience, rallying, and pursuit. The poodle is nimble and light-footed and often shines with agility. Most also enjoy swimming in the lake and spending time with the family pool. After all, they are natural swimmers! And while poodles are well known tricksters and comedians, most wear themselves with pride and dignity (if not snootiness!).

The poodle usually gets along well with the other animals in the family. While he’s more attentive to people than dogs, he’s rarely in a bad mood when it comes to new dogs. Poodles are good alert barkers, but they probably won’t scare away many strangers. They’re too welcoming and social to serve as classic watch dogs.

While poodles can adapt to any size of yard or apartment, all poodles need a purpose. Big or small, they live from structured exercises, walks, swimming and, above all, from participating in the family. A poodle is far from a solitary creature.

Poodle details

WEIGHT The standard weighs about 60 pounds, the miniature about 16 pounds, and the toy about 8 pounds.
LIFESPAN Toy and miniature poodles typically live 14 to 16 years. Standard poodles have an expected lifespan of 11 to 13 years.
COAT Coats are naturally curly and coarse. Some are corded. The poodle’s hair grows until it is clipped.
PUPPY COAT The puppy’s early soft fur slowly turns into a curly, dense fur for adults. During the transition phase, the coating can become matt more often.
COLOURS Black, blue, gray, silver, cream, apricot, white, café-au-lait

Spill Poodles are a low-dandruff breed that makes a good fit with families who suffer from animal allergies. Remember that no breed is 100% “hypoallergenic”.
EQUIPMENT Ambitious owners may want clippers to keep the poodle cut at home (ideally after nursing classes!).
BEST FOR Singles as well as families. Sporty people will enjoy the poodle’s athleticism, but the breed also adapts to a quieter lifestyle, senior living, or living in apartments.
POSSIBLE HEALTH QUESTIONS Hip dysplasia, progressive retinal atrophy, luxating patella
Proposed breeding offer Intelligence never ceases to be beautiful!

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