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Murphy Brown Moon Shadow has a beautiful story of perseverance, fellowship, inspiration and love, “wrote Carla Naden, founder of Animal Synergy – a rescue, rehabilitation and sanctuary for animals with special needs in Vista, California, when I asked for the story of the Puppies to share. That starts for us in January 2020.

“The abstract is that a dog was noticed by a rescuer (Virginia Ramirez Wright) in Mexicali who was paralyzed and dragged everywhere,” said Rebekah Snyder, foster parent at MBMS. “The locals knew about her; She is said to have been in this condition for a few months. The rescuer was appalled by her condition and took her to a veterinarian and asked for help on Facebook. “

Rebekah followed the dog’s story on Facebook and donated money to help with her six weeks of medical care. When a rescue organization in Malibu, California agreed to take her in, Rebekah transported her there from Baja California, Mexico. The rescue had no experience caring for a paralyzed dog, but Rebekah did. “I had previously paralyzed dogs and knew it was going to be an extended trip as she was still struggling with severe wounds, infections, a stool, massive weight gain, physical therapy, and so on.”

Tough, sassy, ​​smart – Murphy Brown Moon Shadow deserves two names (and Candice Bergen). Moonshadow comes from the optimist hymn by Yusuf / Cat Stevens.

Rescue called her within 24 hours and asked her to pick up the dog. Rebekah says, “She wasn’t my dog ​​- she wasn’t anyone’s dog – but now I felt closely responsible for her future and that she would not be disappointed again. At this point, I called my vet to get a full assessment of what I was looking at and called emergency services for any special needs. “

Cue Carla Naden’s entry into the life of Murphy Brown Moon Shadow. “She sees the beauty beyond the broken, the potential – not the pain and the future for the forgotten,” says Rebekka. “Instead of seeing incontinence, Carla sees the world as Murphy Brown’s toilet. And now too. “

Thanks to Animal Synergy, MBMS now has a whole team behind it. “As a Murphy Browns nurse, I get compassionate counseling from medical to behavioral to nutritional, which means she has massive support every step of the way, just like me; something that you need when taking in dogs with special needs, ”says Rebekah. “Murphy Brown went from no one dog to a people dog.”

Follow Murphy Brown Mood Shadow at, @animalsynergy, and @murphybrownmoonshadowlove.

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