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Fast facts

  • Weight: 85-130 pounds (38.56-58.97 kg)
  • Height: 22–27 inches (55.88-68.58 cm)

The appearance of a Rottweiler

Rottweilers have a medium-sized, sturdy, sturdy physique with a dense, straight, and shiny coat. They have broad heads with a rounded skull and straight, well-developed snouts. Her dark, almond-shaped eyes have a kind and devoted look, and her triangular ears hang forward. They have strong necks and backs and (usually) docked tails. Their coats are usually black with rusty stains. Overall, Rottweilers have an appearance that suggests courage, agility, and strength.


  • bold
  • Devoted
  • Powerful
  • Relaxed
  • Task oriented

Ideal human companion

  • singles
  • Experienced dog handlers
  • Active, sporty types
  • A-type personalities
  • Outdoor types

How they live

Rottweilers are tough, strong dogs. And they know their own strength. Their unshakable self-confidence and intelligence – if properly trained and socialized – can lead to a loving, devoted, and sometimes relaxed companion.

Rottweilers are extremely energetic and love to play tag in the backyard, go for a morning run, or take a great hike in the woods. They crave attention and companionship from their owners. Without them, they tend to get bored and destructive. A neglected or abused Rottweiler can do an awful lot to your favorite shoes.

A happy and properly brought up Rottweiler can be a loyal friend to kids, not to mention an extremely effective guard dog who often doesn’t have to do anything other than keep intruders out.

Things you should know

Before considering a Rottweiler, you should prepare for its enormous size and challenging temperament. Rottweilers value a confident dog handler who can show them who’s in charge. Some can test your authority, so keep an eye on their training and obedience. They respond to commands and are eager to please.

Coming from a long line of shepherds, Rottweilers also appreciate stimulating tasks and activities. Engage them with games of agility and obedience. However, remember to always keep them on a leash in public as they can easily be confrontational with other dogs.

A healthy Rottweiler can live up to 12 years. Common health problems are hip dysplasia and eye problems. Their fur is easy to care for and does not lose excessively.

Rottweiler story

Rottweilers most likely descended from the sturdy, powerful, mastiff-like drover dogs of ancient Rome. The Rottweilers were named after the German cattle town of Rottweil, where these dogs managed herds for hundreds of years. In the middle of the 19th century, cattle driving was banned in the area, which made the Rottweiler somewhat redundant. However, in the early 1900s, they suddenly became popular police dogs and in 1924 the German Rottweiler Club was founded. Today they serve as both working dogs and beloved companions.

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