Shorty Rossi to the Rescue Once more

Vámonos – let’s do it! “Is the hiring of Shorty’s Rescue, a pit bull dog rescue founded by TV reality star Shorty Rossi.

Shorty Rossi’s passion is to help the often misunderstood Bully races.

Based in La Misión, Baja California, Mexico, near the San Diego border where Shorty lives, the facility currently houses 30 dogs from seniors to puppies and adopts over 100 animals annually. Shorty, who lives in Mexico, has seen firsthand the unfortunate conditions many dogs live in due to homelessness, lack of medical treatment, and lack of access to affordable spa and neutering procedures. To address these issues, Shorty worked with local vets and opened a free spay and neuter clinic every month. The program is so popular that there is now a long waiting list. Shorty doesn’t want to turn away pet owners and is buying a van to be converted into a mobile spay and neuter clinic. The clinic is expected to go into operation in summer 2021. Business that gives back To raise funds for the rescue, Shorty opened Shorty’s Rescue Pet Store in 2019. Many foreigners actually live in La Misión and there is a need for high quality pet food and accessories for their pets. The profits from the business also allow the rescue to reach the town in the parish e.g. B. Free dog food, heartworm prevention, annual shots, and medical procedures.

Road Trip Off Hope Shorty saw firsthand the impact COVID had on his rescue with fundraising and community support. During this difficult time, his nonprofit is committed to helping other rescue workers in the United States by raising awareness of the amazing work they are doing and helping them raise funds.

Last December and March, Shorty toured the US to visit over 20 rescue groups, live stream on social media and tell the world what they are doing.

At: you can virtually take part in Shorty’s next shelter road trip and nominate your favorite shelter for a visit by Shorty.

Rachel Phelps, America’s Pet Parent, is an award-winning writer, photographer, and certified dog trainer. She is busy directing the career of her internet celebrity dog ​​Preston from She has three Westies who consider themselves mini-humans and a cat who rules the house. Learn more at

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