The 12 Greatest Ice Cream Sandwiches 2021

These days, your local grocery store, bodega, and gas station all have freezers filled with ice cream sandwiches of a variety of shapes, sizes, and flavors. Despite these delicious variations, we still love the traditional ice cream sandwich – and not all are the same (or taste) the same. Which one do we like best? We decided to find out.

To find our favorites, we tried 12 old-school style ice cream sandwiches available nationwide (including some non-dairy options). We specifically looked at the ones that are easy to find in stores because if you want an ice cream sandwich, you probably want it right away.

Ultimately, we realized that even if someone handed us the worst ice cream sandwich, we would still eat it. But here’s the ice cream we’d scream the loudest for (grouped by dairy and other options).

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